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Song List For The X Factor 'Fright Night'

Great song choices for Fright Night this week. Can Stevi pull off such a hugely respected song?

Simon Cowell's OVERS:

Ben - Highway to Hell (by AC/DC)

Fleur - Thriller (by Michael Jackson)

Jay - Mad World (by Tears For Fears)

Stevi - Music of The Night (from Phantom of The Opera)

Cheryl's GIRLS:

Lauren Dark Horse (by Katy Perry)

Lola - Crazy (by Gnarls Barkley)

Mel's BOYS:

Andrea - Relight My Fire (by Take That)

Paul - Bat Out Of Hell (by Meatloaf)

Jack - Bleeding Love (by Leona Lewis)


Stereo Kicks - Everybody (by Backstreet Boys)

Only The Young - The Monster Mash (by Bobby Pickett)


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