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Snow, Sleighs and Christmas Trees on X Factor in 'Christmas Countdown' Week

It's Christmas...well nearly, but I can tell you one thing for certain, just four remain and the pressure hasn't been greater. It's the X Factor semi-final and for the second week in a row, they have to sing two songs. Last week, Stereo Kicks left the competition. Good luck lads, I wish all eight of you well. Santa, oh, I meant Dermot, has arrived, the judges are in place, it's time to face the...semi final.

First up tonight, Fleur East with a Christmas classic, (All I Want For Christmas is You) and it started off OK but once the tempo kicked in, well, it went downhill and I really love Fleur. For me it was too similar to the original. Louis said, "you've got everything." Mel B said, "I thought you would have made it cooler."

Bottom two survivor, Lauren Platt needs a good performance and 'Stay Another Day' was the perfect song choice. I have liked Lauren since her first audition. This was amazing, back to her awesome best. Well done. Simon said, "Good performance, not a great performance." Cheryl said, "I am incredible proud of you."

Team Midas' Ben Haenow is amazing, always consistent and world class. This performance brought a tear to my eye. Ben, you smashed it. I am so, so proud of you. Now whose cutting onions? Mel said, "boy did you just get that right." Simon said, "I am so proud of you."

Andrea Faustini really put the cat amongst the pigeons with an unbelievable vocal. He has just put himself right back in the competition. It gave me goosebumps, it was that good. Louis said, "that was incredible." Simon said, "I didn't like it, I loved you." What a breathtaking first round. Ding ding, time for round two....

Lauren needs a mind blowing second song and picking a One Direction tune, (Story of My Life) was a good start. Being honest, I'm on the fence. The song was too low for her amazing voice. After hearing Ben and Andrea, she could be in trouble. Simon said, "I think you had a little moment."

Fleur changed her song, well Simon did, and at this stage, that is a massive risk. It was edgy, energetic and the dance routine was fantastic. Has she done enough? I think so. Brilliant. Louis said, "you just made the show exciting."

After smashing it out of the arena Andrea was hoping for another standing ovation. He only went and got one. Likeable lad who is set for a huge future, whatever happens. Simon said, "You took a huge risk and I think it paid off." Mel B said, "I don't think you realise how good you are."

Last up was Team Midas' Ben Haenow with an absolute classic (Hallelujah). Oh blimey, if i was emotional after his first song, I am in big trouble now. Ben every week you stand on that stage and every week you give it absolutely everything. Wow. 10/10. Cheryl said, "I think you are going to make the final." Simon said, "you have earned your right to be in the final." One act leaves on Sunday night. People of the UK it's over to you. Right, I'm off to put up my Christmas tree....see you next week.

Our review written by Dean Maynard - Midas Talent PR


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