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Simon Cowell Wants To Broadcast LIVE The Judges House Segment Of The X Factor.

Simon has promised massive changes on the X Factor this year, we have already seen Dermot replaced with Olly Murs and Carolyn Flack, Sarah-Jane Crawford has gone from Xtra Factor and now there is speculation Simon wants to make the judges House section of the show LIVE. Last year, judges filmed as far afield as LA, Mexico and France, and this year is likely to feature similarly exotic locations. “Simon wants to increase the drama and tension of the moment contestants are told they’ve got through. Judges’ houses has always been one of the most talked about and watched parts of the series, and one idea being discussed is to make these episodes live. It would be an exciting innovation and make for real event TV. “It’s going to be expensive as it will require four entire camera crews and teams for all four locations. There are a lot of logistical and potential concerns to work through before we can go ahead, but Simon thinks it will be worth it,” a source told the Mirror newspaper. Usually the hosts visit each judges house but with the the four locations being filmed simultaneously Olly Murs and Caroline Flack would host the show live from a studio in the UK with the show featuring results from two categories, and subsequently two locations per night over Saturday and Sunday. The Judges House segment of the X Factor is one of the most exciting, watching it live would be amazing plus it would mean there were no onine leaks to spoil our enjoyment.

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