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Simon Cowell Wants To Bring Back Celebrity X Factor Or Britain's Got Talent

Simon revealed plans to bring back a celebrity version of The X Factor, or a celeb Britain’s Got Talent, for the ITV charity Text Santa.

A version called The X Factor : Battle of the Stars was screened by ITV in May 2006 but failed to be a big hit with singers including DJ Chris Moyles and actress Lucy Benjamin.

Talking to Mark Jefferies from the Daily Mirrior, Simon said “We tried it one year that whole X Factor celebrity. I mean it was a shambles if I am honest with you. It was a nightmare.

“But I kind of think it would be an idea to try it again maybe it would be a good idea for that Text Santa thing. Or Britain’s Got Talent might be better.”

Referring to Sir Bruce Forsyth, a long term rival who has now retired from hosting Strictly, he joked: “We could have Bruce, we would have to turn the volume up!

“Not as a judge though, as a contestant. Yeah we could have Brucie dancing.

“I like him. I met him at a function a couple of years ago and he was fun.

“What I did like about him was that he was unashamed about the fact that he was competitive .

“I remember him giving out the ratings to journalists one year. I love that. He is 8O odd years old and he really does care. He was truthful and honest about it.

“I think the show will miss him, I really do. I mean that’s why they brought him out for that first show because they know that he is ratings.”

Taling about the ongoing head-to-head battle with Strictly, Simon put the boot into the BBC for not being honest about their bid to beat X Factor.

He added: “I think in a way I’ve kind of got used to it now and I think it has kind of made us more determined.

“I think once we get into the live shows and we are head to head I’ve got a feeling it might turn around.

“I mean it is good to have competition. I think you kind of have got to be honest about it and the BBC, understandably are very competitive with us but they say they are not so I think it is much better just to be honest about it. “Just say you want to beat X Factor. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“There is no logic for putting the shows on at the same time other than the belief that they can beat us and they want to harm the other show. It is what it what but why not say that.”

Speaking for the first time about the new Friday show for the arena and judges’ houses stages of X Factor, Cowell said: “It was ITV’s decision.

"I think because also we ran Britain’s Got Talent obviously as a strip for years and this year it rated better on the Thursday or Friday then it did the Saturday interestingly enough, so I think they, they are confident people will watch it on a Friday.

"Actually there was so much footage to show it was better to run it across three nights than try and cram it into two nights.

“It’s an experiment and we will see how it goes.”


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