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Simon Cowell Wants Cheryl Back For XF Judges' Houses

Simon Cowell is reportedly lining up Cheryl's return to X Factor in the judges' house segment of the show.

An X Factor insider has revealed: "Simon is desperate to get her on board again - this time as a guest for the judges houses stage of the show, adding "he's not a man who enjoys taking no for an answer."

"Simon believes a Cheryl comeback would be the TV event of the year."

Simon and Cheryl have remained good friends

"Simon knows having Cheryl on the X Factor will be TV gold and viewing figures will go through the roof, as everyone will tune in to see what she looks like and how she's changed since becoming a mum."

The source told Heat Magazine: "He's putting no pressure on her to make a decision yet. However, he has also said she can have whatever she wants and that everything can fit around her.

"Simon's told her she can bring Bear with her so she doesn't have to leave him, as well as her mum or Liam, who can look after him while she's filming."

If she does return to the show, Simon's rumoured to have told Cheryl they are happy to remain in the U.K to make travelling easier for her and Bear.


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