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Simon Cowell Wants A VERY Unusual Birthday Present

Photo credit The Daily Mirror

What do you buy the man who has everything? A £400,000 200mph flying car!

The four-seater won’t be out until about 2023 but US maker Terrafugia is taking reservations for its more imminent Transition, a light plane that turns into a car.

Buyers can then top the waiting list for a TF-X. The TF-X, with fold-out wings, twin ­elec­­­­tric motors and a computer controlled 500-mile flight range, featured in June’s Top Gear magazine.

Simon told the Daily Mirror “I would like a flying car. I saw one and I read about it in Top Gear recently. I thought God if there is anything I want, that is it.

"It is the most coolest thing. If they can actually make one that would be top of my list. I want the flying car. I’m easy to buy for.”

“I’ve told Lauren that after you get to 50 you don’t really want to celebrate your birthday. But I’m happy, I’m in a good place.”

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