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Simon Cowell To Write A Children's Book And His New Health Kick Is Way Too Weird!

Simon Cowell Interview

In a new interview Terri Seymour sat down with Simon Cowell at his home in Beverley Hills. The interview took a rather bizarre turn when Simon revealed his new health kick.

When asked what comes next, Simon told Terri he was planning to write a children's book and TV show:

“I have thought about it, and now I think I’ll do it,” he said, adding, “It will be about animals… I’ve had to read a lot of these children’s books and they’re quite boring, I think I could do it better.” He isn’t stopping there, “I’m going to make a children’s TV show as well, a music show for kids.” He admitted he is doing it for Eric who will be featured in them. He is also creating a character based on himself, “Obviously sort of a hero figure.”

Before Eric can watch the shows that his daddy creates, Simon has been trying to expand his repertoire of current programming by taking “Dora the Explorer” out of rotation. “She’s gone away on a really long holiday, unfortunately with that weird fox,” he said. He is replacing Dora with some of his favorites, “’Toy Story’ and ‘Shrek’... We watched the ‘Good Dinosaur’ the other day, that was good.”

Talking about his new health kick, Simon told Extra Tv's Terri Seymour “It was something somebody recommended and even I went ‘Christ this is a bit odd.’

”What is it? “Caterpillars in tea,” he said. “It’s a caterpillar that lives in a mushroom… you put it and the mushroom in tea.” He said he didn’t actually drink the caterpillar, “Even I went this is a bit too crazy.”

Simon this is VERY crazy!


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