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Simon Cowell To Personally Fund Spinal Surgery for Julia Carlile

Simon Cowell has vowed to fund the £78,000 treatment for 15-year-old dancer Julia Carlile, who suffers from scoliosis and needs to travel to America to correct a curve in her spine.

Julia who performs in the dance Group MerseyGirls on Britain's Got Talent needs anterior scoliosis correction surgery to enable her to carry on dancing and living a normal life.

The procedure isn't available in the UK, so Julia needs to travel to America for the surgery.

The group were hoping to win the £250,000 prize so Julia could fund her surgery.

In an exclusive with The Sun, generous Simon said: “There’s no way I would ever have her [Julia] on this show and say, it’s all just about winning the £250,000. I couldn’t do that. You would do the same thing.

“You get letters, you get calls. You have to draw the line at a certain point. But I think if someone comes on in this situation, to do nothing would be, well, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.

“You create a connection. And I think with us, in this particular case, I think there is something we can do.

“There’s no way I would ever say: ‘Right, you came second, so it’s all over’.”

Thursday night MerseyGirls were in the top two and go through to tonight's final.


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