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Simon Cowell Throws A Mega Strop On The X Factor Tonight!

SIMON COWELL throws a strop after finding out that the public voted for him to mentor the Overs for the second year running and almost demanded a recount.

On tonight’s show, the judges are shown finding out which category the public have voted for them to have, before the dreaded Six Chair Challenge takes place.

Before Olly Murs and Caroline Flack read out the results, Simon told the audience “I want the Girls, the Groups, the Boys and then the Overs.”

When Murs reveals that he got the Overs once again, Simon pulls a face and moans: “Oh, for f**k’s sake — are you winding me up?”

He then walks over to check the results envelope, adding: “Are you sure this is the right name in there? Can I have a look?”

This prompts boos from the audience, while the Overs watching backstage describe Cowell’s response as “discouraging”.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini then berates him, saying: “That’s not nice.”

At the time, Cowell had hinted that he wasn’t entirely happy with his category. Tweeting “Wasn’t the category I was expecting.”

And he was not popular during the Six Chair Challenge either, as the audience booed some of his decisions — prompting fellow judge Rita Ora to call Simonl “rude”.

After Katie Coleman performed, Simon said: “You were better the first time, but if it was me, I would give you a chair.”

The crowd, believing that to be a positive assessment, cheered. But Simon quickly clarified his statement: “Not one of those. I’d give you a chair at home. I don’t think it was good enough.”

The audience booed and the other judges gave him stunned looks. Rita said: “That was just rude,” before adding: “Simon if you would just like to mind your own business and wait until your category comes up!”

The X Factor continues tonight at 7pm. To get a flavour of what to expect from the Six Chair Challenge, read the review from our visit.


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