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Simon Cowell Teaches Eric About Music From The Master Ol' Blue Eyes

Simon Cowell with his son Eric

Simon Cowell wants two year-old Eric to be surrounded by the soulful tunes of Frank Sinatra, not the latest pop hits.

A source close to the family said: “Eric is only being dished up the best of the best.

“He felt that listening to Sinatra was a real help to his own musical growth as a child.

“So Eric is being given a great start to his musical education. He is starting to talk now, but who knows if he will pick up the singing bug.”

Simon has previously spoken about wanting his son to follow in his footsteps in the music business.

“I really would like the idea of teaching him how to run the business.

“I would like to teach him how to do my job as quickly as possible. I would like to pass the reins to him.”

Sources close to the family last night also revealed to The Star One Direction hits were often played in Cowell’s homes.




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