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Simon Cowell swaps city life for the country

Simon Cowell with a Rhino

Simon Cowell has sold his £45 million house in London and has moved into a country house in the Cotswolds.

Simon Cowell moving house

Last week saw the removal men taking out his possessions from his London home, with Simon now settled in the scenic countryside.

Simon Cowell moves out of his London home

Simon has no other television commitments other than Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent now wanting to spend more time with his son Eric.

He is also said to have reflected on life after falling off an e-bike at his California home in 2020 – an accident he said he was lucky to survive. He broke his back and underwent six hours of surgery.

Turning his back on the showbiz life where he couldn't walk out of his London home without being stopped by fans, he can now settle relatively anonymously in the country.

Simon Cowell in a Cotswold village

Simon is enjoying his life with Lauren and Eric in a calmer environment while throwing himself into local events, including the village shops and fetes.

Simon Cowell with a Rhino

Last month Simon visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park ahead of the conservation fundraising event, next month. He kicked of the auction by bidding £2,500 for a 23.75 karat Italian gold leaf Rhino dung.

One of the reasons for moving out of London has been the burglary scares he has had, including a break-in when he and his family were asleep.

Last month it was alleged that a criminal gang had sold the lock details and code to his front door — which left him shocked and horrified.

Simon has already downsized his company Syco Entertainment and no longer has offices in London. The company is now an entertainment assets and licensing company.


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