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Simon Cowell Spooked by A 'Ghostly' Presence At The X Factor Chateau

Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson were spooked when a pale grey figure glided past a window as Anton Stephans performed at Simon’s Judge’s House at Chateau de Candes in France’s Loire Valley.

As the vision appeared TV monitors were said to have flickered on and off. Then a bolted window flew open, so the freaked out crew decided to stop shooting for the day. At the time Simon joked: “It’s a ghost.”

When they checked the footage later a strange figure was seen. Simon said “I know it’s haunted. I saw it.

”His girlfriend Lauren Silverman said she too felt “a presence” and admitted she was scared.

The owner of the Chateau confirmed that ohers staying there in the past had also seen a ghostly figure.

Speaking to Mark Jefferies of The Mirror in France, Simon insisted it was not his first brush with the spirit world.

He said: “ I did have a ghost in my house once and I do think it was a friendly ghost. No one has ever asked me before.

“I was living in a house and the bedroom door was open and every night you would hear ‘knock knock’ as loud as that. "I was thinking ‘there has to be a reason’ but there wasn’t so I am convinced it was a ghost. I couldn’t explain that.”


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