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Simon Cowell set to renovate his new London home

Simon Cowell bought a new house in London in 2018. Now he is looking to give it a luxury refurbishment. The home worth £15.2 million is set to undergo a massive refurbishment for the first time since he bought it in 2018.

Included in the revamp will be an outside heated swimming pool complete with changing rooms and he has also applied to extend his existing sunroom by 6.2 square metres. Let's hope we have some good summers Simon!

In other news aerial photos of Simon's new Malibu home have emerged.

Simon purchased the stunning one-floor home - situated on a gated and tree-lined estate - in 2017 for a cool $24 million

There are six bedrooms and seven bathrooms on 1.63 acres overlooking the ocean with palm trees in the garden.

As well as the obligatory pool it has a sun terrace and BBQ area. The tennis court shown is currently being used as a carpark. To be honest we couldn't see Simon playing tennis.

Simon is currently filming America's Got Talent in los Angeles with new judge Sofia Vergara. Unfortunately during one of the tapings Heidi Klum was taken ill and had to return home.

They filmed a couple of days without Heidi, but with the Coronavirus gaining momentum globally, it was decided yesterday to halt all auditions until further notice.

With Simon Cowell deciding to rest The X Factor this year, ITV are revamping the popular nineties talent show Stars in Their Eyes to fill the autumn slot.

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Julia Suzuki

2 years ago

Great to meet you on the beach in Barbados Simon and chat about Boyzone

Stay safe

Julia Suzuki
Author and Fashion Designer


2 years ago

Good for you! Enjoy your new pool! My kids would love it. Our gym is just down the road & the pool is never that packed when we go. But it is an indoor pool. I really hope we have the weather you anticipate. English weather isn’t always that great and it took over 40 years to have another long heatwave. You never know we maybe lucky again! Would be great for little Eric to have pool parties with his friends😉

Sylvia Somerville

2 years ago

Everything is going smoothly and that is fantastic. Simon is right, in stopping the auditions until the Covid-19 virus has run its course and things have settled down. All this virus and upset will be over in a couple of weeks and life will be back to normal. This event is just a small hiccup, on the grand scale of life and its ups and downs. Common sense and being cautious is all that is required. Some people are blowing everything way out of proportion. Oh well, life will be back to a normal every day trend very soon. Hugs.

Ekaterina Netchitailova

2 years ago

Hey Simon!
Hopefully X-factor will resume in one year!