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Simon Cowell's son Eric wants to audition for Britain's Got Talent

Simon Cowell is horrified to learn Eric wants to audition in next years Britain's Got Talent.

Speaking on the red carpet at America's Got Talent, Simon said: "I think he wants to be in a rock band. He loves Green Day. He is really serious about it."

“That is going to be total torture. “I mean, of all the things I’ve ever done, this will probably be the hardest. “I said, because he does play drums, ‘Are you going to drum?’ and he said he wants to sing."

"I went, ‘Oh God no’.”

Simon wants Eric to take over from him as a judge on America's Got Talent. Apparently he is already learning the ropes. Simon explains: "He sits and watches the shows with me before they go out and I don't ask him, but I look at his reaction because kids don't lie.'

'If they are bored, they are bored and if they are interested in something, they are... And that's really helped me actually. I hope he does what I do.'

Perhaps Eric would like to show off his equestrian skills on BGT. Country living must be suiting Eric as he shows off a new proficiency in the saddle mastering a rising trot over jumps. Terry Seymour posted on Instagram showing Eric riding a pony.

Simon Cowell's son Eric riding a pony
Credit @officialterriseymour Instagram

Simon Cowell's son Eric riding a pony
Credit @officialterriseymour Instagram



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