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Simon Cowell's Son Eric Is Not Impressed With His Judging Skills!

Simon Cowell with his son Eric on America's Got Talent

Just when Simon Cowell thought he was the best judge, his son Eric dismisses his judging skills.

Simon Cowell says his son Eric has dismissed him as a “buzzer presser”, saying the two-year-old is not too impressed with his performances as a judge on shows such as Britain’s Got Talent.

Eric told Simon, ‘You press buzzers’. Simon told the Daily Mirror "I told Eric there’s a little bit more to my job than pushing buzzers, but okay.”

Simon has already sat him in his judges chair at shows including Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent.

Simon added: “I am bringing him down basically to say in a few years time you hopefully are gonna be doing what Daddy does ... to get him used to it.”



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