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Simon Cowell Reveals Who He Wants To Win BGT & Invites David, Amanda & Alesha Back Next Year

Chatting in his dressing room after Friday’s semi-final, Simon knows all about winning over the majority – and he reveals what he thinks the magic ingredients are that have made this year’s BGT such a winning series.

“There’s something about this series now that really reflects the mood of the country. It shouldn’t be too serious, or too politically correct,” he says. He says he wants the prize to go to Calum Scott, who is his Golden Buzzer act – and admits singers Calum and Isaac Waddington offer him the most commercial opportunities. “Obviously it’s good for me if a singer wins,” he says. “But as we’ve seen on this show before anything can happen.” He said he plans to invite back all three judges, David Walliams, Amanda and Alesha Dixon, after being impressed by their commitment to the show. Next year could also see the show’s stars from the previous decade return for a one-off special. Simon said: “All three of the judges are welcome back. This panel just works. When I was doing the auditions with the guys this year, I was watching the other three and they really focus on the contestants. “They care about them, and that’s what you want. “There are some people who come on shows like this for just a year, to sell a book or a tour a record, and then they leave.“But you don’t want that. You want people who are really invested in the show.

I watch David when he’s not looking and every time it’s like he’s never been on TV before. And when he’s not getting enough attention he just sulks. “I had to tell him, ‘Imagine how awful it would be if you were in charge’.

For the show's 10th anniversary next year, Simon said “I think it would be good to see people coming back – like a greatest hits edition. We always say, ‘This show can change your life’ – and with a lot of people, it actually has." “How about a special edition final with all the former winners, people like Paul Potts and Diversity? That’d be really cool, right?”


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