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Simon Cowell Reveals He Would Like to Adopt a Child.

In a new interview Simon Cowell reveals he is thinking of adopting a child with his partner Lauren Silverman.

Simon says he has never been happier since welcoming is son Eric into the world last year.

He said: “Myself and Lauren want to have more children of our own but we could adopt as well. I wouldn’t rule out it happening. It’s a good idea. “I’m beginning to warm to the idea of adopting.” Simon has seen first-hand how adoption has been life-changing for close friend Sinitta. He has a close relationship with her children Magdalena and Zac who are already close to Eric, who turned one in February.

Talking to The Star on Sunday, Simon added: “They are just so cute. I like them. I’ve known them since they were really young and they are great kids.” He is desperate to avoid Eric becoming spoiled. He added: “I’m aware Eric could become a brat. “I’m going to make sure we teach him manners and to not talk down to people. I’m terrible at discipline but that’s all basic stuff. “And the first thing I said to Lauren is we’ll teach him to always be kind to animals.” Eric is heir to his dad’s TV and music fortune – thought to be around £300million. But Simon insisted he will have him working from an early age. He said: “I’ll teach him the value of money. That’s what my mum and dad did with me. “When they paid for holidays we had to earn our own spending money. When I was about eight I used to clean cars and mow lawns. And I used to love it.

“I do think it is important that you earn your own money. “I had that instilled in me and Eric will have the same.”

He is hoping Eric will take over his businesses when he retires. Earlier this year Simon took his son to the London audition heats for Britain’s Got Talent – and sat him in his judging seat. Simon said: “I wanted to sit him there and get used to it because that’s where he’s going to end up. Five more years, a bit of education first and then he can start work.


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