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Simon Cowell takes some exercise in rainy London

Simon Cowell is back from his Barbados holiday to a cold and wet London.

Simon was spotted taking a walk along a street in London, apparently taking some exercise.

With Britain's Got Talent cancelled for this year hopefully Simon is back in the office working on some new projects.

Given the British weather Simon, perhaps flying back to Malibu may have been a better option!

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Colin Smith

a year ago

You look well Simon. I would still like to ask the question, as there is not to be a Britain's Got Talent show this year. How about a show with a election of the audition videos? I was one of many who sent in an audition video for the proposed 2021 show.

Fabia Cerra

a year ago

Deep in thoughts šŸ’­ your looking šŸ‘šŸ¼ Could do with eating some pasta šŸ shame as Iā€™d love to cook for you. Sending love ā¤ļø


a year ago

The king

Sylvia Somerville

a year ago

Simon is looking amazing. This is the first day, in a long time, I have been seeing clear photos of Simon and his eyes are still showing his beautiful heart. Yes, it is so sad about BGT, but Simon is a smart and creative businessman and I am sure he is already working things out in his mind. Walking in the rain is so relaxing, I think. Smile! Belief! Dream! Believe in Magic! The universe is aligning as it should and the sun will soon shine brightly and all this covid and distress and anxiety and pain will all be just a bad dream, left in yesterday. Hugs.

a year ago

Why come back to England. Weather much better in LA


a year ago

Looking good after his accident

Judie, a Mason

a year ago

Good for you , Simon stay strong, and build yourself up ,for next year , so we can all see you back on tv once again~~Hopefully on my dish channels ~~Take care of you, Sincerely Judie

Sharon Bowskill

a year ago

Good to see him back in action although I am sure he would prefer Barbados this time of year. Did he have to quarantine I wonder? Welcome back on home turf Simon.

Fe Desposito

a year ago

You are my hero because you are so brainy when it comes to making money. I wish I have your talent and your skill! For that, I love you Simon!