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Simon Cowell Plans To CLONE His Dogs Squiddly & Diddly!

Simon Cowell plans to clone his Yorkshire Terriers Squiddly and Diddly using a biotech firm in South Korea.

The X Factor judge has asked aides to research Sooam Biotech, the company which last year created Britain’s first cloned dog, from a 12-year-old dachshund called Winnie.

The procedure costs around £60,000 a dog, but a source said: “Money is not an issue. Simon is determined to make it happen.

According to the Mirror newspaper Simon has briefed aides and they are looking to see whether Sooam is a viable option.

A friend said that Simon was so attached to his dogs, who are both aged two, he could not bear to think of life without them.

“Clearly, Simon wants to make sure that any cloning procedure is above board and safe for the dog. That’s very much his priority.”

Simon is awaitng a report back confirming whether it is possible.

More photos and GIFs of Simon's dogs are on their dedicated page SQUIDDLY & DIDDLY


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