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Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson To Return For The American Idol Final

Ryan Seacrest reveals original judges will return for final season of American Idol

On the red carpet at the American Idol Hollywood rounds, show host Ryan Seacrest said the Fox show's former judges will be back for the final season.

"I've spoken to all of them recently and we as a team have talked to them about coming back to do something for the final season. They are going to do it it's just a matter of figuring what to do with them,"

The original group of judges were together for 8 seasons, until Paula left the show in season 9, followed by Simon in season 10, who left so he could host another talent show, The X Factor.

We are VERY excited at the prospect of Simon, Paula and Randy getting back together, no judging panel Simon has sat on has ever had the chemistry and fun of the original American Idol panel.

Let us know on Twitter if you are excited to see the original gang back!


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