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Simon Cowell: No Change In X Factor Line Up For 2017

X Factor Judges 2017

Simon Cowell decided not to change the judging panel on X Factor this year. For the first time in seven years, the Simon has resisted making changes to the judging panel.

With the judgers rounds of auditions starting on Tuesday, a source told The Sun newspaper: “The ­chemistry was perfect last year, so it’s only natural to want to bring the same line-up together again.

“It’s usually hard to get people’s schedules to align but for the first year it has worked out. The judges can’t wait to get started and have already been gossiping behind the scenes.”

Producers have revamped the format for this year by letting fans backstage.

Special tickets will allow audience members to “rub shoulders” with hopefuls in a special holding room before they even perform.

Judges auditions are being held at the following cities:

Liverpool 20th - 21st June

Manchester 24th - 25th June

Edinburgh 28th June

London - Dates and venue TBA

You can apply for audience tickets for the auditions from Applause Store


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