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Simon Cowell makes more changes to X Factor

Simon Cowell at X Factor auditions

Simon Cowell is making yet more changes to the X Factor this year in a bid to freshen up the show.

No more gimmicky songs, there will also be less focus on novelty acts, encouraging more real talent. or contestants. Also gone is the theme 'Jukebox'.

Simon wants the credibility back in the show.


Simon made an announcement at Wembley this week while bootcamp was being filmed ."All these crazy things we used to do with themes have gone, no more jukeboxes, none of that rubbish this year

.“The public are smart enough to know what’s real, that’s what we are focusing on this year.”

The controversial jukebox wheel used to be spun at the end of the Sunday night’s results show to “randomly” choose the theme for the following week.

But it made some rather non-random decisions.Fright Night happened to be selected on the week of Halloween and a Boyband vs Girlband theme was picked minutes after female group Four of Diamonds were saved from the bottom two.

An insider said: “Without the jukebox contestants will be able to sing to their full potential, without being constrained by a certain theme.

“This year has seen more acts sing their own music and Simon thinks this will be the best way to find original talent.”


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