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Simon Cowell Makes A Surprise Visit On The American Idol Final Stage

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson & Ryan Seacrest on American Idol finale

All week it has been will Simon appear on the very last American Idol final or not.

Last night we found out when he appeared on stage to in a reunion with Paula and Randy.

He was not scheduled to appear on the programme that made him famous in the US. It was a last minute decision which meant he had to miss the BGT press launch in London.

We were on the red carpet at the Idol finale but unfortunately Simon, Paula and Randy gave it a miss. We do however have some photos we took of past Idol contestants and judges in a gallery below.

The trio - who made up 'Idol's original judging panel - paid tribute to the reality TV show, which has ended after 15 seasons and reminisced on their time together as judges.

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson - American Idol Finale

Simon snuck up on Randy and Paula just as host Ryan Seacrest was announcing that he ‘can’t be with us tonight.’

Simon Cowell gives Paula Abdul a kiss on the American Idol finale

The British television presenter's surprise definitely seemed to work as Ryan embraced Simon and could be heard saying, ‘I thought you were in London.’

As the others looked genuinely surprised to see him, Simon quickly teased his old adversary Paula, joking that it was a good opportunity ‘for Paula to apologize for being so mean to the contestants when we were trying to be nurturing, helpful.

‘You were really horrible and I think now is the time to apologize to America,’ he insisted, joking about his own reputation as TV's Mr Nasty.

‘Unbelievable,’ sighed Paula, i having just given Ryan a special America Idol sign as a memento.

Simon Cowell surprises Paula Abdul on the American idol finale

Simon then turned serious, saying ‘thank you America for inviting us into your homes’ as well as Fox and all the contestants.

Simon Cowell with Ryan Seacrest on the American Idol final

Finally, he turned toward his fellow judges, Simon added, 'And to you guys for actually being my best friends now. Now, I'm going to miss you.'

Randy replied: 'We love you man,' while Paula joked: 'This was an amazing journey. I know you love the word journey.'

Goodbye and thank you American Idol, you gave us some of the best times with Simon on our televisions.


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