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Simon Cowell is Hypnotised By a Dog - What Do The Judges Think?

In tonights Episode of Britain's Got Talent Simon Cowell meets Hypnodog aka Princess.

Things are not what they first appear to be.

Was Simon acting? Did he fake it to make good TV?

Simon Cowell: "No! 100% real. I was feeling sleepy and then fell asleep. It's almost like your brain tells you to do something which you shouldn't be doing but you just go along with it. The next thing is, you've actually fallen asleep. I always said I wanted to find a cat that could play the guitar. I think we've done pretty well finding a dog that can hypnotise people! I just want to own the dog. I could literally rule the world with this dog because all it does is stare at you and you do whatever it wants."

Amanda felt it was for real "He kept saying to me that he felt really tired, and I was like, ‘What, more than normal?’, because he always gets a bit jet-lagged. He just went to sleep on the desk and I know it was real because he said yes to a number of acts he wouldn’t normally have done and when he came up he had a bit of make-up smudged, his eyes were watering and he said I feel really strange."

Alesha said the whole thing was weird "That dog had something special about it, I have to say. Watching Simon fall asleep on the desk, at first I thought he was having us on and then I thought it was real. It was a very confusing audition all round, from Ant and Dec being on stage half asleep, it was just weird. You sit there thinking to yourself, ‘Only on this show would something like that happen - Simon Cowell being hypnotised by a dog!’ It’s fantastic."

David didn't believe it at first "Simon being hypnotised by a dog was quite peculiar because he was very keen to get on stage to be hypnotised by this dog. We didn’t quite believe he had been hypnotised, but on reflection I think he was. I think it was the woman hypnotising him and the dog was just there. It was a little bit disturbing. I was hoping that he might go under forever and stay in this hypnotised state, but he did come out of it.

It was very strange, it’s one of those things with this show that, as a judge, you are completely unprepared for. How do you judge a hypnotic dog? We haven’t seen many of those! It was quite weird for a moment because he really was under for about five or ten minutes, he just fell asleep at the desk. I thought he’d either had a very late night with Sinitta or the dog really did hypnotise him.

Watch where Simon meets Princess on stage.


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