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Simon Cowell "Is A Genius" - Susan Boyle Talks About Her Trust in Simon.

Simon Cowell with Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle the most successful artist to come out of Britain's Got Talent even though she was runner-up in 2009.

This month Susan launches a new album entitled 'A Wonderful World'. Full with classics like Angels, Like a Prayer and When I Fall in Love, her crystal clear voice haunts every track.

Susan sat down with Event magazine and spoke about her relationship with Simon Cowell.

Simon picked the songs. 'I’ll always put my trust in Simon – he’s a genius,’ she says proudly. Simon is, of course, Simon Cowell, the music mogul on whose show Boyle was first discovered.

There were rumours that she never saw him any more, that he’d lost interest in her. ‘I don’t see that much of him,’ she says, ‘but I hear from him a lot.’

How did she feel when she read stories that Cowell was about to drop her? The papers said she was in tears. ‘All those things were totally untrue and I had had a very successful meeting with [Cowell’s] Syco Records.’ This must be right as in fact Sony has extended her contract for more albums.

A Wonderful World is available 25th November and can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.


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