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Simon Cowell Introduces a NEW Twist To X Factor

Simon Cowell has introduced a brand new twist that's going to really liven things up and we're not too sure if the judges are going to best pleased.

According to The Sun, Simon is throwing one big old spanner in the works by giving the four judges the opportunity to sabotage each others' categories.

After Mel, Simon, Cheryl and Louis pick their final three to go through to live shows, they will then pick wildcards for EACH OTHER from the rejects.

So, basically there's scope for massive mayhem!

While some judges might opt to save someone that they actually like to go through, others could deliberately pick someone bad to muck up their rival categories.

There will be four wildcard acts, one for each category.

Apparently, Mel B will get to bring back one of Louis Walsh’s groups, Cheryl will pick one of Mel’s axed Boys,

Louis will chose one of Simon Cowell’s Over 25s, while he will get to bring back one of Cheryl’s Girls.


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