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Simon Cowell helps Scarlett Lee's family after devastating fire.

Last week Scarlett Lee's brother and his family had their mobile home burnt to the ground.

Scarlett has shared what a wonderful person Simon Cowell is and how he has helped her family.

Photo credit: David New | The Sun

Scarlett had to take two days off from rehearsal and even ended up in hospital herself for an injury to her eye as she helped her brother and family out of the blaze.

Simon Cowell generously sent her brother and his family three hampers and designer clothing to help with them after losing everything in the fire.

Scarlett shared the photos and wrote on her facebook:

'Where do I even begin? For every person who ask’s what’s Its like to work with simon what’s it like to know him ... well Simon not only my mentor but the kindest person I will ever meet, he has a heart of pure gold! tonight we had a surprise delivery for my brother his wife and children full of presents toys for them all, He Has made my family so happy and that means the world to me... You are genuinely the nicest person I’ve ever met and you never forget who was there for you when you’re down and you have stood by us through it all ... thank you so so much 💗💗

Photo credits: Scarlett Lee | Facebook.

Well done Simon and thank you Scarlett for sharing.


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