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Simon Cowell forced to pull out of BGT Christmas show

Simon Cowell hoped to return to Britain's Got Talent for the Christmas special due to screen over the festive period,

Unfortunately, with the filming due to start mid October. Simon has conceded he will not be fit enough to join the judges on the panel.

Simon is recovering at his home in Malibu after breaking his back in an electric cycle accident.

To start filming in a few weeks, Simon would have to fly from Los Angeles to London now to enable him to quarantine for the mandatory two weeks prior to filming,

A source told The Sun newspaper “Simon will of course be across the show and what happens on it but this is a massive blow for him as he adores Britain's Got Talent".

Ashley `Banjo will stand in for Simon for the Christmas show.

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Raina (^з^)-☆

a year ago

Stay Strong! I know you can do it! #PositiveVibes


a year ago

Take care of yourself and give yourself plenty of time to rest up at home.

Susan (Santaversesfatbegone)

a year ago

Hope you get back to you before the accident, you will, I am positive of it. I say that because you were in your best place ever, you could see it in how you carried yourself. Keep in mind that it took a while to get to that place and this will as well, but the end result is nothing but positive. You got this!

a year ago

Simon, go gently with yourself.
Peace and blessings frances

Sylvia Somerville

a year ago

I realize Simon will be feeling melancholy because he can not yet be a part of the show, but Simon, you are the show, you are always a part of the show. You and all the shows are you. We will see you everywhere during the show because you will be there in your heart and soul. No worries Simon. Just focus on complete recovery and healing. Hugs.

Bozena Wozniak

a year ago


Praying for you

a year ago

Get better! Praying for you From phyllis morris (author)

Jean Clayden

a year ago

Love you Simon . Miss you so much on BGT as you are such an honest person . Get well soon . Thank you for all you do with your charities . I love all animals . ❤️ Thank you so much . Above all get well soon xxxx

Jenny lamb

a year ago

Your health comes first Simon hi


a year ago

Ich dachte du würdest dabei sein simon love you

Martha ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

a year ago

Ich dachte das du wieder zurück kommst Simon love you vermisse dich so sehr dachte das du BGT Weihnachten mit dabei wärst