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Simon Cowell Encourages Contestants To Sing Original Material

Simon Cowell wants to find the next Ed Sheeran. He is encouraging X Factor contestants to sing original songs.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman with their son Eric

This has worked well on Britain's Got Talent, so Simon hopes bringing singer song writers across to X Factor as part of this years shake up will keep the show fresh.

A source told The Mirror: “Simon knows he can’t change the format too much but one thing he and the contestants can change is what’s sung.

“If there’s lots of new material it could attract a new audience.

“Original songs by young per­­formers have generally been well received on Britain’s Got Tal­­­ent too, so it seems a risk worth taking.”

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman with their son Eric

This comes days after other changes were revealed, including, the live weekend shows will be cut from ten to six with acts voted off on both Saturdays and Sundays meaning “tedious” performance-only Saturday episodes, which got low ratings,

One act will will be axed and .Star guest artists will perform on both days and auditions will be held at Thorpe Park in the hope that fun theme park footage will win viewers.


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