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Simon Cowell Defends Marc and Wendy's Act on Britain's Got Talent

Simon Cowell shot down claims that a dog was mistreated during a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent.

Marc's dog appeared to talk and sing, however it is thought Wendy was wearing a muzzle which Marc operated by remote control.

Simon vehemently denied these claims saying: “Everyone knows I love dogs and we wouldn’t allow an act to come on the show if it was unhappy or being mistreated.

During an interview with Best magazine he added: “I understand the charities being worried but we saw the dog after the show and she was happy.

“There’s a lot of real animal cruelty in the world and I think that’s what they should focus on.”

Marc previously said “Wendy loves to perform and the act isn’t cruel. “I’ve been working with Wendy since she was a puppy, training and caring for her for the last five years, She loves performing and I would never put her in a situation that would cause her distress.

“She gets excited when we work and is always comfortable on stage.”


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