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Simon Cowell continues to support cancer fighter Kian Musgrove

Simon Cowell, Eric Cowell and Kian Musgrove

Simon Cowell with Eric and Kian - Photos: Kat Musgrove

Simon Cowell met cancer fighter Kian Musgrove after inviting them down to London for an all-expenses-paid trip to watch rehearsals for the live show.

Simon stepped in to help save Kian’s life in 2016 after being so touched by the story of his battle with neuroblastoma that he donated £25,000 and paid for flights to a specialist American clinic.

Kian and his family got to spend some time with Simon and his son Eric at the X Factor studios.

Kian's mum Kat told Chronicle Live: “Before we left we got Simon and his family some gifts to say thank you.“

We got Simon an engraved pen saying ‘To Simon, love Kian x’ and we got a bear made for Eric with a recording of Kian’s voice.“

Simon thought it was amazing and Eric was so happy.

“He is still being so nice and generous to us all - Kian had an amazing day.”

Kat and Kian also wished Simon a speedy recovery on hearing of his tumble the day after they met him.

Kat said: “We were so devastated to hear about what happened to Simon the morning after we saw him.“We hope our special friend gets well very soon.”

You can follow Kian's progress on his Facebook page - Caring For Kian


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