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Simon Cowell considers legal action against bike manufacturer after breaking his back

Simon Cowell is considering taking legal action against the bike manufacturers after breaking his back falling off a bike manufactured by Swindon Powertrain.

The accident happened in the driveway of Simon's Malibu home in front of his partner Lauren and son Eric.

Simon endured 6 hours of surgery, the cost of medical bills and loss of earning while recovering from the accident.

This comes after a whistleblower who worked for the company claimed the mega-powerful £20,000 machine was a “death trap” and “an accident waiting to happen” because Simon had no training.

He claimed the Swind EB-01, which is 60 times more powerful than ­normal e-bikes, should not be used without specialist training and a full demonstration.

He went on: “That thing is a death trap and should never have been sold to Simon without him being taught how to use it.”

The insider said the electric bike, which can hit 60mph and is banned from British roads, had design quirks which could send inexperienced riders “flying”.

The Sun newspaper reports: Simon could get up to £10miilion for loss of earnings, medical bills plus pain and suffering.

After the accident Simon joked from hospital: “I should have read the manual.”

A spokesperson for Simon said: “Simon is understandably extremely concerned for other peoples’ safety in relation to this bike. We’ve been pressing the manufacturer about this and will continue to press them, including in relation to the claims of the former member of staff.”

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9 months ago

Wow 😲 guess everyone on any wheelers in accident can sue!! It’s risky doing activies on bikes at his age. I’m over 50 & not riding bikes or horses much, now.The ground hurts & injuries more serious as you get older. Healing process takes much longer. Fell on ice on MY steps. Sue myself!! 😂 It’s a risk you take!!!

Joanne davis

9 months ago

Simon should sue the company who made the bike and keep others from being hurt or killed God bless him and his family🎄🥳🎄

Lina Yeoh. Malaysia

9 months ago

Simon, it's good to press them. Get well soon.
Regards, Lina Yeoh from Malaysia.

9 months ago

Just to take one look @ it tells you not to recline!

Renee Puthu

9 months ago

Hoping and praying that you be as good as before so that you can appear on all the talent shows in the near future. God bless!!

Renee Puthu

9 months ago

I think people should know the dangers involved. Whether legal action should be taken is none of my buisness.

9 months ago

Definitely go after them Simon my dad lost my brothers case because it was a private beach and he sent his daughter to Europe so at 17 because they had the raft too close to shore my dad sooed for a million dollars was awarded 1$ had no insurance he lived for 38 years as a quadrapelegic died 2001 age 55. Dad owned a Volvo Honda Dealership they left my brother outside the courtroom never tried his case guy who sent his daughter to Rurope was a judge read in between the lines go after this company project others lives u r one lucky man do it for my brother and for others who never got to live a normal life. Love u Simon

Susan Vickers

9 months ago

I feel so sorry for Simon having to go through this horrific trauma, his family having to watch him in pain and could have almost died? Due to a stupid bike that probably wasn't even manufactured right? He does right in taking legal action! And support him all the way! ... I'm just so sorry it happened but it needs investigating into before someone does get killed or paralized for life?.. Just want to say though a big thank you to all the doctors and nurses who helped Simon back to recovery.. God bless you Simon and family x So happy your OK 😘 xx

Evelyn Samuel

9 months ago

They are lucky he didn’t die. If he did then I would have honestly killed them.

Mary Mattar

9 months ago

I send my support to you and thank you for caring about the other people

Author, Sylvia Somerville

9 months ago

Absolutely! I agree with Simon, he should take legal action. Other people must be made aware of the dangers of this bike. I am a lifelong cyclist and looking at the photo of the bike, there are several things that stand out to me, as a bad design for a bike that will travel up to 60mph. No one should ride without proper training and instruction. How is it possible anyone can buy a bike like this without being advised they will need training and instruction before operating it? Personally, I think anyone purchasing the bike, should have to do a ride test, to show they can operate and control this bike. I know it is called an e-bike but regardless of the new classification of things today, it is a motorized bike. Simon should take legal action and protect others from going through the injury and pain he did, or worse. He could have been paralyzed for life. He could have been killed. Thank God the angels protected him. Good luck. Yes, absolutely take legal action to receive compensation for yourself and to protect others. Thank you.