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Simon Cowell considers legal action against bike manufacturer after breaking his back

Simon Cowell is considering taking legal action against the bike manufacturers after breaking his back falling off a bike manufactured by Swindon Powertrain.

The accident happened in the driveway of Simon's Malibu home in front of his partner Lauren and son Eric.

Simon endured 6 hours of surgery, the cost of medical bills and loss of earning while recovering from the accident.

This comes after a whistleblower who worked for the company claimed the mega-powerful £20,000 machine was a “death trap” and “an accident waiting to happen” because Simon had no training.

He claimed the Swind EB-01, which is 60 times more powerful than ­normal e-bikes, should not be used without specialist training and a full demonstration.

He went on: “That thing is a death trap and should never have been sold to Simon without him being taught how to use it.”

The insider said the electric bike, which can hit 60mph and is banned from British roads, had design quirks which could send inexperienced riders “flying”.

The Sun newspaper reports: Simon could get up to £10miilion for loss of earnings, medical bills plus pain and suffering.

After the accident Simon joked from hospital: “I should have read the manual.”

A spokesperson for Simon said: “Simon is understandably extremely concerned for other peoples’ safety in relation to this bike. We’ve been pressing the manufacturer about this and will continue to press them, including in relation to the claims of the former member of staff.”


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