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Simon Cowell brings Christmas cheer to Britain's Got Talent

Simon Cowell brings Christmas cheer to Britain's Got Talent by launching a festive special edition.

The show will be a “Christmas celebration.' with some of the best acts from the show.

A source told The Mirror “Simon has not done Christmas before and ITV jumped at the chance to put Britain’s Got Talent at the very heart of their festive schedule."

“It does huge ratings, so why not unleash it at a different time of year to mix things up a bit.

“The show will be a jam-packed full of Christmas cheer and music. It will not be a competition as such but a celebration of the show.”

The filming is scheduled to start after the Britain's Got Talent final next month. Simon is hoping to join the judging panel which will be dependant on his recovery from his accident last month.

The show will have a Christmas theme with acts like Susan Boyle and Paul Potts possibly taking part, it is not expected to be a competition but a celebration of the show during the festive period.

We think this will be a perfect fit over the Christmas period, let us know if you will look forward to it too.

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Lord lee phillips from Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire

a year ago

Well done Simon and ITV I will be looking forward to watching the show as I love britain’s got talent as I auditioned twice a few years ago unfortunately I didn’t get through and I didn’t get to meet you Simon Best of luck

Lord lee phillips

a year ago

What a fantastic idea I think we need some festive cheer this year as we have been through a lot with COVID-19 man let’s hope 2021 is a better year Well done Simon Cowell and ITV hope you’re okay Simon I know what you’re going through with your broken back my landlady broke her back a few years ago I hope you are well Best wishes to you and your family


a year ago

Can't wait love the show and love christmas shows

Patricia Johnston

a year ago

I will watch that in a heartbeat.


a year ago

i am all for it we need a little cheer


a year ago

I will definitely be going to watch that

Jennifer Ann Lamb from Cardiff

a year ago

good luck