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Simon Cowell Axes Professional Acts from Britain's Got Talent

Simon Cowell has reportedly axed a number of hopefuls from this year’s Britain’s Got Talent ahead of the semi-finals next week after discovering they were secret professionals.

The move was made after fans were left outraged when a number of performers were found to already have successful careers.

They include singer Sian Pattison, who left the audience in tears during her first audition with her rendition of With You.

However, it was later discovered that she was a professionally trained and accomplished performer. Sian had performed on a series of big stages, including at the UK tour of Strictly ABBA, and sung for private and cooperate events for 15 years.

Those also facing the axe are acrobats Gao Lin and Liu Xin from Beijing - who were found to have already been on Asia and China’s Got Talent.

Razor blade eating TanBa from Japan - who is a professional magician, and bendy girls Angara Contortion - who were Cirque de Soleil performers.

Britain's Got Talent continues tonight with the final auditions and the deliberation.




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