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Simon Cowell Avoids Talking Marriage But Gushes About His Son Eric

Simon Cowell's life has turned around since getting together with his partner Lauren Silverman and having a son.

Talking to The Sun newspaper on Lauren's 39th birthday, Simon is devastated she did not receive the flowers he sent to her earlier in the day.

Showbiz reporter Dan Wootton suggested that it is not a bunch of flowers Lauren really wants. Simon raises his eyebrows and replies: “What are you inferring?“ I got her a nice piece of jewellery — a necklace, darling.”

Asking about the prospect of a ring, Simon smiles awkwardly then says: “Along with politics, along with religion, marriage fits into that as well.“I’ve learnt it’s never a good idea to discuss.”

Simon is prepared to admit for the first time that he struggled in the early days as father to Eric.

He says: “I genuinely didn’t know what it was going to be like to be a dad.“The first seven or eight months dealing with a baby, you just don’t know what to do.“And then suddenly one day everything changes.“It’s the most incredible thing.”

Simon explains: “They turn into you. “I’m now seeing him as me as a kid. “All the stunts I used to pull. “I always say to him, ‘Eric you’re talking to me. “I’ve been there. “I know all these tricks’.

“But he is funny and he has a good sense of humour.”

He says: “With Eric everything’s about perspective. He’s well ­balanced, he’s not spoilt. "I’ve taught him how to share, which is important.

“He says please and thank you.

“Someone said to me the other day, ‘He’s such a polite little boy’. I’m proud of that.

“My mum and dad taught me the same thing.

“You just want them to be happy at the end of the day.

“That’s the most important thing — just have a happy childhood, not too much pressure.

“That’s what I’m trying for.”


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