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Simon Cowell At The America's Got Talent First Live Show and Red Carpet

Simon Cowell and the America's Got Talent judges started the live season in style with a red carpet and press interviews.

We were there to capture photos and the gossip live from the show.

12 of the 36 acts that made it to Hollywood are facing America for the first time hoping to win the $1 million cash prize and a Las Vegas show.

The show took place in the impressive Dolby theatre in Hollywood, home to the Oscars.

Simon Cowell chatted to the press telling us he rates his excitement level, “On a scale of one to 100, I think I am 101. We now lose control and America takes over.”

Watch the amazing magician Jon Dorenbos - HOW did he do THAT?!

Simon Cowell told Jon “It was magic because it was right in front of me and no one’s touched anything.” He further told Dorenbos, “I think you are a great guy, a real American hero, a real superstar. America’s gonna get behind you. Brilliant.”

America's Got Talent continues tonight on NBC with the results


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