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Simon Cowell announces he is working on a brand new show

Simon Cowell spoke about a new show he is working on while on the America's Got Talent red carpet for the shows finale this week.

Lauren and Eric also joined him for the shows finale where we can see Eric is growing up very fast.

After Simon's bicycle accident he cut his work schedule down and closed his company after finding he was working 20 hours a day and spending too much time in meetings.

Speaking to The Sun he said “I am not doing as much as I used to, if I am being honest."

“I have kind of ripped up my schedule. I got to a point where I got my schedule on a Sunday and I felt like I was going back to school. I felt physically sick and I said I don't think I can work with a schedule. Filming is different, because you have to film."

"It is easier to work without loads of meetings and I see and work with people I like."

“I like coming up with new ideas.I get a buzz out of that. “That doesn’t take up a lot of work. Once you have got the idea you have got to sell it and that takes up a lot of time, but that is exciting. So I do less now.”

Talking about a new international idea he has recently had and a development deal with NBC he said: “I am excited my next thing will be something brand new. “It is time to do that. Bearing in mind my clips are seen all over the world, do I really want to do something in one country? “And the answer I am afraid is - no I don't. So whatever is next will be different.”

“Part of the buzz of this show, which nobody wanted by the way, was we had to work really hard to get them on. That is part of the buzz.

“If I were to go backwards again I would get bored. I am excited. I never want to get to a point where you are back on the hamster wheel.”

You will not want to miss Simon Cowell performing with Elvis on the AGT finale...


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