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Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman Attend The Norwood Charity Dinner and Baby Eric Speaks His First W

Simon and Lauren attended the Norwood Annual Dinner at London's Grosvenor House Hotel on Monday night, along with David Cameron and Sir Philip Green.

Simon also caught up with Norwood President Richard Desmond, and his pregnant wife, Joy. Speaking at the event, the Express Newspapers owner explained: "Norwood has been there for the most vulnerable members of our community for more than 220 years.

Simon said “A lot of what I do is about nurturing talent - helping people to make the most of their potential. And that’s very much the ethos of Norwood. Helping people to maximise their potential.”

Speaking to OK Magazine Simon proudly revealed: "He's said 'Daddy'." He continued: "He hasn't said 'Mummy' yet for some reason."

Simon has apologised to Andrea Faustini and Lauren Platt for his harsh criticism.

Simon slammed the two contestants for their Saturday performances on the show, but he has now admitted he was just in a bad mood and took it out on the wrong people.

He said: "I had a bad night. I had a really bad headache, I was really grumpy. I want to apologise to Andrea and Lauren because I wasn't being fair."

While impressed by the talent on this year's show, he also credited the judges for the contestants doing so well.

He told The Sun how he admired Mel B's passion, Cheryl's dedication to picking songs and Louis Walsh's luck - although Simon did praise the veteran mentor's passion, too.

Speaking of former Spice Girl Mel B, Simon has branded her 'a revelation' for her drive and determination as a new judge on the show.

'I think Mel has shown tremendous passion and protectiveness to her contestants,' ''She takes mentoring very seriously. I think she's been a revelation. Mel has been after this job for five years and just loves it.'

Meanwhile, Simon revealed that none of the judges had yet been invited back, responding to reports that Cheryl had been offered £2 million to return in 2015 already.

“Whenever you ask anyone at this stage in the competition whether they want to come back or not, you’re knackered — and the idea of doing it again is, like: ‘My God, I couldn’t go through this again’.

“I like to let people finish the show, relax over the New Year then see how they feel. So I wouldn’t ask Cheryl the question this year.

“But one thing I say to all these judges now is that it’s only important to come back if you want to come back for the right reasons, which is you want to find stars, you want to mentor people.”

Watch the video of Eric drumming on our BABY ERIC page.


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