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Saturday's X Factor Review

Our X Factor Review from Dean Maynard at Midas Talent PR

The room auditions are over for another year, gone, finito, complete....You get the point. So what now? Well, tonight we move on to the arena. Wembley Arena. No biggy.

First up is photographer Bradley Denholm, who has to remain 'focused', (couldn't resist, sorry) to get through. Lets keep this short and sweet. No. Next. On to student Babalola Ehidiamen Again, let's keep this short and sweet...hold on, this is déjà vu. Next.

James Graham from Essex finally brought us some talent. He was asked what was said at his room audition and James said, "Simon told me I had to like animals" Simon replied "Any luck?" James quickly said "Yeah I love them now". James has great tone to his voice and a likeable guy. Very, very good and what lovely hair. I even think Barney the Dinosaur would have liked it James.

With Mel B delayed, it was over to Simon, Louis and Cheryl to hold the X Factor fort with the next audition. So will hairdresser and Cheryl's twin Jale Antor make the cut? Look, it was fun and enjoyable but come on. Time up...please. Thankfully it was a no, two votes to one.

The Courtesans, aka real life couple Eileen and Ben rocked things up and pre-audition Simon drew comparisons to Annie Lennox, but also said they were "fantastically nuts" Well, ahem, no comment. Anyway, The crowd loved it and so did the judges. They sneaked in to bootcamp 3 votes 1, well 2.

Welsh songbird Rebecca Jones is right up my street with a quirky and different look. Sadly nerves understandable took hold and her chance was gone. Rebecca, give me a call. With a little bit of work, I can see a diamond.

I did a bit of snoopying around and found out Charlie Brown was next. Again, another great talent that didn't hit their potential on the day. Lucky for him and the next auditionee, Newcastle lad Stevie Tennant, the judges were in a good mood.

Paul 'how did he not get through last year?' Akister showed everyone how it should be done. During his audition Simon was treated to a dance by Cheryl and Mel B. At the end of Paul's audition, Simon said "Paul, I think we both had a great time during that song actually" Mel B said "Wow, I mean your voice is absolutely flawless. I like you a lot, I love your voice" Cheryl said "You have a liquid gold voice. It is literally amazing". This lad is one to watch and a major threat to us at Team Midas. He could sing anything, any genre. Class act.

Essex teen Lauren Platt is amazing. She stands out, vocally and style wise. Mel B said "I am so excited right now, I could slap you, you have everything you tick every single box and more". Simon concluded "I think you will get better and better and better". I am also putting this out there.

Indiana Ifill didn't make the grade, nor did Lou 'In the real world I would tell you you'd make a great stripper' Bou and nor sadly did north east lad Kieron Winter. Keep at it Kieron.

Last up tonight was Amy Connelly. Her emotional room audition had everyone rooting for her. Look, I'm a talent scout so I like to be honest. No, Amy wouldn't win the show. Good enough for live shows? Yes, definitely. I don't know what the judges heard, but there are worst acts at bootcamp. Louis said "It was all nice, but I thought it was karaoke cruise ship" Simon thought Cheryl made "the right decision" not putting her through all those years ago. Cheryl stayed loyal to Amy "You know I have a special soft place you, I think you sang beautifully up there tonight". Amy I thought you did a great job, keep your head held high and good luck.

Right, I'm off to plug the Courtesans guitar in... see you soon.


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