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Saturday Night At The Movies! Did It Live Up To Expectations?

The name's Midas, Dean Midas...and tonight, lights, cameras and hopefully plenty of action, it's a Saturday night at the movies theme. Here begins week three of the live shows. By the end of the weekend, another act will fail to meet the 'cut', their dreams in tatters.

Last week, we lost Stephanie Nala and Chloe Jasmine as fourteen became twelve.

So tonight who will deserve an Oscar and who will get the dreaded Golden Raspberry...Here we go.

First up was Jake Quickenden, if someone needs a good performance and positive feedback it's Jake. Sadly at times it was flat and when it was time to hit the high notes, he failed. I think Jake could be in trouble after that. Louis said, (as I have) that he was, "struggling with some of the high notes" Simon said he was, "unlikely to last another week"

The first of our three remaining Team Midas' acts are Only The Young. Going into this I was worried, as the fab four only decided on their song choice on Thursday. Worry, why worry Midas? I have to be honest, it wasn't perfect but OTY still nailed it. Louis said, "everything worked tonight" I agree Mr Walsh.

Homesick Jay took on 'Skyfall' a James Bond classic and for me it was hit and miss. Another act that failed to nail their song. Simon stood up and Louis and Mel B raved but I don't agree. Cheryl said, "the production saved him"

Thank goodness for Andrea Faustini, the first male vocalist to smash it out of the ball park, well studio. That's how you sing. I can't find anything negative to say. Brilliant job Andrea. Simon said, "Britain has taken our cuddly little Italian to their hearts." Now where do I get that top from Andrea?

Second up for Team Midas was Lola Saunders with her brand new hairstyle. Good luck Lola. The wildcard is showing them how it should be done. She is now shaping up as a serious contender for the X Factor crown. Mel B said it was, "stunning and amazing" Simon said, "you are potentially a great singer" Now can someone put those fireworks out, Lola's hair cost me a fortune :)

Paul 'definitely not boring' Akister came out fighting hoping to prove the judges wrong. Vocally he is one of the best singers left in the competition and with the dancers in tow, this was by far his best performance to date. Cheryl said, "great performance" and Mel said, "he was a white Jay Z"

The usually reliable and amazing Lauren Platt took on the big 'Frozen' song 'Let it Go'. It started off a bit shaky but by the end of the song she was back to her world class best. This girl is blooming fantastic. Louis said, "so young, so talented, so good" Cheryl said it was the, "standout performance of the evening"

The nerves and pressure is really showing tonight and a few cracks are starting to show, even Cheryl and Louis switched seats. Can Jack knock us out with the classic Rocky track 'Eye of the Tiger.' Well after that performance I think Jack could be on the ropes. It's one of my all time favourite songs and I didn't like his take on it. Sorry Jake. Louis got, "bored" and Simon said he looked, "uncomfortable"

After cheat gate last week, Fleur East wanted to put all the alleged rumours to bed. Perfect song choice, sang very well by Fleur. She even had name up in lights. I loved it. Mel B said, "you just shut me right up" Simon concluded, "you are most improved contestant on the show"

King of the dad dancing Stevi Richie forgot about puppies and once I have stopped laughing I will review him. Oh blimey. Right, look my wife said "at least he is entertaining" I have to agree Mrs M. Louis said, "it's time to go home" Cheryl said, "he is having more fun than anyone else"

Sing off survivors Stereo Kicks have yet to win me over and after tonight's showing...they now have. Brilliant performance, vocally fantastic and for the first time they really look like ones to watch. Simon said, "this is a turning point" I have to agree. 10/10

Last up tonight was Team Midas' Ben Haenow and after a night of more downs than ups what a brilliant way to close the show. Vocal perfection from start to finish. He looks great and sounds amazing. This is how it should be done. Mel B knows Ben is a serious threat to her acts and her and I completely disagreed with her when she said it lacked, "emotion" Simon said it was the, "wrong song"

That's a wrap, now it's over to you people of the UK.

Right, I'm off to go and pay for Lola's hair do...see you next week.

Review from Dean Maynard - Midas Talent PR


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