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Robbie Williams and Ayda Quit the X Factor

Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda announce they have quit the X Factor due to Robbie's busy schedule this year. Robbie said he "is gutted" to be leaving.

Robbie and Ayda both mentored acts on the show last year, Robbie had the boys and Ayda the overs.

This year sees a huge change in the show with the pubic auditions dropped in favour of a celebrity version.

Will Louis Tomlinson be back? It is looking unlikely as Louis is concentrating on his music this year. We will keep you updated on further announcements.

In a post on Instagram, Robbie announced

"A quick update from Team Williams… it’s been a very busy year so far. Vegas has been incredible and we cannot wait for June and July to do it all again. I’ve got the massive @BSTHydeParkshow on July 14 and I’ve written the lyrics and music for the #RSCBoyInDress show with @guyachambers - opening on November 8. As well as all this we’ve got some very big announcements coming soon - but we can’t reveal all yet. Sadly though it’s impossible to do everything … and we’re gutted to tell you we won’t be able to return to The X Factor this year. We will, however, be working on projects with Simon going forward - and as huge fans of the show, we will still be tuning into The X Factor, voting and winding Simon up…x"



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