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Review of Sunday's X Factor, Fantastic Male Vocals And That Very Popular Boyband

Review by Dean Maynard - Midas Talant PR

Wow, what a 24 hours. There was one big talking point from Saturday night 's show that has kept us really, really busy today. Next time The Courtesans...please plug in your guitar.

What did Sunday have in store?

The problem with an amazing first audition is that you have to live up to it. Can Italian Andrea Faustini blow us away again? Buona Fortuna Andrea. Well, when you can sing like that, no luck is needed, he has a rasp in his voice that only the best can achieve. Cheryl summer it up by saying it was "the perfect audition" It was 10/10 stuff and the crowd loved it, e nata una stella stasera. Bex, Millie, Leah, Sophie and Yasmina aka girl band Rouge Kiss had their chance and if you didn't quite catch it, Simon wasn't keen on their first audition. It didn't get any better and he wasn't won over after this audition too, telling the girls, "You're like Yorkshire terriers wanting to be Alsatians." Blimey, Simon is in a good mood today, full of compliments.

Can boyband Overload improve the mood of Simon 'I want a pee' Cowell? After the drawn out pee gate, we were treated to a very good audition from the lads. Very catchy track and vocally good. Looking forward to seeing what they do at bootcamp. Essex finally landed tonight in the shape of Lottie Lou, thankfully for all our ears, it didn't last long. The same applied to Carly Cunningham. Deary, deary me, where is the talent? This was painful and crowd made themselves heard.

Call centre manager Stevi Richie was hoping to put the booing crowd on hold. Yes, it was all very karaoke but at least it was entertaining and being honest, very funny. Three points for the singing, eight for the fun factor. I shouldn't like him, but I do. Help me! Now Stevi, go and get your jacket back. Fitness Instructor Kayleigh Manners was brilliant in her room audition and after a shaky start, she was good in her arena audition. Look, it wasn't perfect but she deserves another chance. Their is huge potential here, in the judges words, "start believing in yourself because we believe in you." Lauren Clarke and Ed Goacher were either very nervous or just not very good. I'm hoping for their sakes it was the wasn’t the latter.

Ex soldier Jay James concluded this weeks auditions. It started slightly off key but when he got going and his voice relaxed, it was brilliant and he gave us a very good arena audition. Cheryl said "You know what we thought of you in your first audition, now listen to this, That’s exactly what we’re looking for. That was a stunning performance" While Simon concluded "Jay, you know what, we make shows like this to find people like you. I like the fact you’re in the older category". Have we seen a potential live show finalist tonight? Yes, I think we have. Right, I'm off to find the Team Midas acts...see you next week.


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