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Planet's Got Talent Launches Tonight on ITV

A new six part series devised by Simon Cowell and Syco Entertainment launches tonight on ITV called Planet's Got Talent.

Planet’s Got Talent highlights the most incredible acts from across the globe, from countries as diverse as the UK and US, to Albania and Vietnam.

In Planet’s Got Talent , Warwick wittily steers us through the hilarious, show-stopping, heart-pumping performances. And with thousands of hours’ worth of footage to choose from, every clip is unforgettable…whether for the right or wrong reasons!

Watch the trailer

Warwick Davis commented: “Each week, I’ll be treating viewers to the top-pick clips from Got Talent shows from across the globe - some funny, some odd, some awe inspiring... all brilliant!”

Planet’s Got Talent features scores of unforgettable moments including a Korea’s Got Talent contestant who likes to rub Wasabi and lemons into his eyes and an Indonesia’s Got Talent hopeful who washes himself in boiling soup. Other stand out acts including backflipping dogs, a woman who drives a scooter through 20 panes of glass without a helmet and even a man who plays the violin whilst balancing two wine glasses, a ball and four shots on his bow at the same time.

Planet’s Got Talent is a Thames and Syco Entertainment co-production for ITV.

Watch on ITV at 6.30pm


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