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Our Review Of The Amazing X Factor Final - Your Winner Is Crowned!

Unbelievably, the X Factor Final is once again with us. Tonight three will become two as the three finalists battle it out. Ben Haenow is joined by the amazing Andrea Faustini and Fleur East.

Who is going to be crowned the King or Queen of Wembley....? Last week, Lauren left the competition, just missing out on the final. Good luck Lauren, I was and still am, a big fan. Dermot flew into the area, (superheroes beware!) the judges took their places, (Tulisa in for the ill Mel B) it's time now to squash the nerves and get the game face on. Ladies and gentlemen, it's the X Factor Final 2014.

Team Midas' Ben Haenow smashed his way out of a box and got the show off to an amazing start. World class doesn't even cover it. What a singer and what a talent. Vantastic stuff Ben. 10/10

Andrea has been very consistent throughout the competition and, any other year, he might have won, but I have to be honest, even at this stage and before they have even sang, I felt the the final two has to be Ben and Fleur.

Favourite Fleur looked like a pop star, she was hardly known before judges houses, then bam. Tonight she rapped her way in to hearts of the nation. Fleur meant business. Thankfully the judges were nice to everyone tonight and it was glowing praise all round. Round one to Ben and Fleur. In round two Ben was joined by Ed Sheeran, Andrea by the returning Ella Henderson and Fleur by Labrinth. Every act gave it their all but Ben's duet with Ed was amazing. It was like an already established act coming on and performing their new single. Brilliant stuff Ben, whatever happens tonight, everyone at Team Midas is so proud of you. The vote has been frozen and the act finishing in third place is...Andrea. Well done and best of luck, you have been a brilliant contestant.

Ben and Fleur returned on Sunday with two songs that they hope will win them the crown. Mel B also returned after illness.

Ben kicked us off and I am fast running out of words to describe this wonderful man. The crowd reaction was so emotional, I must admit to having a tear in my eye. Wow.

The mark of world class talent is watching someone performing like that, then coming out and smashing it yourself. Fleur did just that. Breathtaking dancing and great to watch. This is going to be very close. The crowd also went nuts for Fleur. The decider in most X Factor final is the winners song. This year both acts will sing 'Something I Need'

Ben came out and looked and sang like a champion, he completely blew me and the 10,000 strong crowd away. This was one of his best vocals of the series and the song suited him. I am staring to feel slightly confident. Could Ben and Team Midas be on the verge of winning?

I love Fleur, win or lose she is set for super stardom but being honest, I didn't like her take of the song, it really didn't suit her vocally. Has Fleur faulted at the final hurdle? Now we wait.....if my nerves can take it. Here we go, after four months, Dermot is back with the result. The winner of the X Factor 2014 is.....BEN.

Holy moly he did it. I am completely overwhelmed. So, so happy for Ben and his family. Well done mate and thanks to everyone who voted. The Haeniacs (his fans) have been unbelievable. Phew, Team Midas are feeling very proud tonight. Well done to the runner up Fleur, like I said, she is set for a massive career and I wish her well. So that's it, Ben Haenow is the new champion. Amazing stuff. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read my reviews and huge thanks to this site for featuring them. Your support means the world to me. Well done to the whole X Factor team for another awesome season. You have all earned a very long holiday. Right, I'm off to open the Champagne...see you next year.

Our grateful thanks to Dean Maynard - Midas Talent PR for writing our X Factor reviews. Hopefully he will be back for BGT!


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