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Our Review And Photos From The Last X Factor Arena Auditions

Here we go again with the last of the arena auditions.

Right calm down ladies, flying in first is US Air Forceman Charlie, 'Yes Sir' Martinez-Henandez. At his first audition nearly all of the ladies, and most of the men for that matter, fainted. He is likeable, has an amazing voice, but I think he would fit nicely into a boy band as the front man. For the first time, Mel B showed her scary spice side, she even called him "boring"

Ten Senah seemed to have prepared very little again for her second audition. After she admitted she was still drunk at her room audition, she wasn't prepared for the feedback from Mel 'Nooo' B. The crowd participation went down with Mel like a lead weight and she was not impressed. I think her exact words were 'nasty.'

Toon DJ Michael Marouli went out into the crowd for some more crowd participation, and yet again Mel B let her feelings more than known, calling Michael 'Tacky' and saying it was like something you would hear in "Magaloofie". Oh dear.

Please Janet Grogan, try and put a smile on Mel B' s face. Thankfully Janet was fabulous and gave us a near perfect vocal. For the first time tonight (sit down everyone) Mel said....Yes. Get in.

After Charlie Jones' mam had tidied him up, he gave us a unique and fantastic version of The Spice Girls 'Wannabe'. Louis's "Better than the original" was priceless. Four easy yeses.

Helen Fulthorpe was actually entered into the competition by her two kids. Helen, give those kids loads of extra Christmas presents, they have helped changed your life. Saying that, it helps when you can sing like an angel. I loved it. Great stuff Helen. Simon said Helen had a "Fantastic Voice" and for the "Person she swallowed Four yeses".

We first saw Tom Mann in 2013. The soccer coach was nearly sent off after his first song, but thankfully for him, Simon was in a good mood and although his second song wasn't perfect, it was good enough to see him through and I can see huge potential in Tom. Another singer who should be in a boyband. Jake Sims and Jordan Morris both gave great auditions. Of the two Jake was the stand out, he has 'something' and I agree with Cheryl that he is the "One to watch"

Talking of ones to watch, up next was Jake Quickenden. A good looking, likeable guy with a killer voice. Simon said, "he was really happy that he (Jake) came back." I agree. This guy will not only make the live shows, he will make the final. Blooming brilliant. 10/10. Leah Kennedy found herself at the end of the road for her X Factor journey too, Simon decided to send her home.

The last arena audition slot goes to Lola Saunders. Our favourite north east fishmonger gave us one of the best room auditions. Filled with emotion, she took on the arena and once Mel B had helped her calm the nerves, there was no stopping her. Two words....World Class. Wow, when someone is as good as this it's phenomenal, when you are backing them it's breathtaking. Best audition of the series to date. Cheryl said she was happy that Lola was "From Newcastle". Louis said "Lola you came to London and you conquered Wembley". The final word must go to Simon when he said Lola was "The sort of person you would want to win the show" Right, I'm off to find out whose cutting onions...see you next week.

Review by Dean Manyard - Midas Talent PR


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