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Moving In A Different Direction? Simon Cowell Expands His Empire

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Simon Cowell looks set to move in a different direction by branching out from his talent shows into factual documentaries.

Simon's company registered the trademark Living With A Killer - an umbrella title for the project. The trademark also includes the publication of spin off books.

A source said: “There’s a whole host of creative ideas under consideration.

“With the success of The Investigator on ITV, Syco is broadening it’s repertoire across a whole host of genres.”

This week Syco Entertainment announced that two more series’ of The Investigator were being commissioned by ITV.

The last series saw the chilling investigation into the disappearance of Bournemouth mum Carole Packman. Fronted by ex detective now turned investigator Mark Williams-Thomas.

Carole vanished in 1985, leaving a note on her kitchen table to say she was not coming back.

Her husband Russell Causley, currently serving life in prison, finally confessed to her murder in 2014, but he has refused to say what he did with her body.It was watched by an average 3.4million viewers.

The series was produced by Syco Entertainment and Shiver - which forms part of ITV Studios.

Series two will air later this year and look at the links between an unsolved murder and a notorious convicted killer.

A source told The Sunday People: “It’s success has shown there is an appetite for this type of show in the scheduling and it’s one that Syco is looking at closely.”

A Syco spokesman said: “We are a creative music, TV and film company continually developing, researching and innovating ideas.


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