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Mel B Decides On Her Final 3 Boys, Simon With The Help Of Hiawatha Is Disappointed With The Start Of

Welcome back to judges houses. Friday night, Louis picked his three groups and at Mel B's Mexico house we saw two of the boys perform for their place....right I have my iced water, I'm drenched in sun cream, let's go.

First up tonight was Danny Dearden, who we really haven't seen much of to date. My first question is, why not? This lad is amazing, what a voice, versatile and very current. I really like him.

Jordan Morris followed. He has sung much better than this and in a very strong category, that could cost him.

The emotional memories of his previous visit to judges houses affected Jake Quickenden during his VT but once he got the mike in his hand there was no stopping him. Give this guy a place at the lives Mel, he is amazing.

Last up was Paul, "I can't believe Louis didn't put you through" Akister. If he doesn't get through after that I'm resigning. Well, not really, but you get my point. Strong vocal, he could sing absolutely anything. A real contender.

After a chat with fellow Spice girl Emma Bunton, Mel got ready to tell her boys, who was through and who was going home. After we dodged a giant lizard, Mel B picked Andrea Faustini, Jake Quickenden and Paul Akister.

Right, where to next.....? It's LA with my Simon and it's time for another Team Midas act, in the shape of Ben Haenow.

The remaining overs went to see 2010 Team Midas pick One Direction and on route to Simon's house they played "Goldfinger"...then guess who his helper was? It's only It's only my reality TV bos Hiawatha, I mean Sinitta. Who by the way looked amazing and beautiful and...yes my contract is up for renewal.

Stevi Richie kicked off the overs and holy moly, what is going on, this is judged houses isn't it? I'm a bit lost for words, although I will say in complete honesty, it did put a smile on my face. Simon was also laughing but said it was, "seriously bad"

Lizzy Pattinson is another act we haven't seen much of and although she is a good singer and very pretty, it's nothing new. I would be surprised if she gets through.

Nerves really got hold of Helen Fulthorpe and Simon whispered his concerns to Sinitta, having "Timing issues" and he was, "disappointed". For the record so was I and I felt she was really strong in her previous auditions.

Hate to be negative but Jay James rendition of, 'Everybody Hurts' was very forgettable. Dare I say boring. Look, he can sing but I agreed with Simon, it was a bad song choice. Saying that, he still deserves a chance at the lives.

With an amazing look, Fleur East just needs a good performance and I think she could very quickly become a contender. Best of the overs to date. Confident and sassy and I think she will get better and better.

Last up is Team Midas' Ben Haenow....

Ben, Ben. Ben. What can I say but this. World Class mate. Ben had consistently nailed every audition and tonight was no exception. Note perfect with a very powerful vocal that could sing any song, any genre. So proud you are part of Team Midas.

Whilst I was swimming in Simon's pool, Sinitta and Mr Cowell picked their three acts for the live shows...the result is Sunday night.

Right, I'm off to try on Sinitta's costume....see you soon.

Our X Factor review by Dean Maynard - Midas Talent PR


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