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Katie Titus brings us an absorbing insight from the filming of BGT: The Champions

Katie Titus from Supajam Education backstage at Britain's Got Talent: The Champions
Katie Titus from Supajam Education backstage at Britain's Got Talent: The Champions

Katie Titus from Supajam Education writes a captivating viewpoint from the filming of Britain's Got Talent: The Champions.

Katie is a music journalist and blogger, and recently secured a place at University.

Simon Cowell is a supporter of Supajam Education, who support vulnerable young people to achieve practical qualifications in music and media.

Katie recently completed her studies with Supajam and was selected, based on her hard work and achievements this year, to be offered the unique opportunity of attending the filming of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions and have her review of the experience published on this site.

Reading Katie's experience will make you feel as though you are there...

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions - A New Era of Prime-Time Entertainment

Televised talent searches have been on our screens for nearly 70 years, captivating global audiences for generations. From Star Search, Pop Idol and Strictly, to The Voice and of course The X Factor, we viewers relish the chance to see an undiscovered star showcase their extraordinary talent and rise to a moment of glory. Outshining all the rest in terms of its astonishing international footprint is Got Talent. Airing in 194 territories around the world, Got Talent’s search for incredible and varied talent among the masses has earned it a Guinness World Record as the Most Successful Reality Television Format.

After 13 amazing series in the UK, it’s time to enjoy a supersonic, bumper version; Britain's Got Talent: The Champions.

"This show strips out the average, does away with mediocre, and presents only the best of the best."

I was offered a privileged invitation to attend the filming of BGT's boldest spin-off (BGT is the crew’s casual acronym, obviously I wanted to blend in). Filmed at Wembley Arena in front of a pumped audience of 6000 people, this show strips out the average, does away with mediocre, and presents only the best of the best discovered by the format. Inspired by the success of the American ‘Champions’ season, the British series features winners, finalists and fan favourites from 13 years on our screens, as well as successful acts from some of the international productions of Got Talent. All compete against one another for a place in the final, and one will be ultimately crowned as ‘The Champion’.

At the judging ‘desk’ are the familiar and favourite Britain’s Got Talent judges, on hand to voice their views and support the talent on stage. Alesha’s enthusiasm is infectious, and Amanda is constantly laughing. What a joy it must be to have that much fun at work. David Williams offers up his typically eccentric and funny comments, and Simon Cowell's brutally honest opinions as ever gain plenty of wise nods from the crowd. (How does he always know what we’re thinking?) Masters of ceremonies, Ant and Dec are back with a vengeance, facing their fear of heights to deliver an amazing entrance in the opening of the show. The iconic Golden Buzzer, itself a character promoting cheer and wonder, offers one lucky act a guaranteed place in the final each episode. Each judge has a chance to press it once in the series. It felt a hard task to have to choose only one from such an impressive array of talent.

"It felt meaningful to be part of the process."

For me, as an audience member, I felt I was witness to the creation of a whole new era of prime time entertainment. A talent program unlike any other. Because it all cuts straight to the ‘best bits’. One after another the performances were impactful, incredible, nail biting and astounding. Most exciting was the choice of venue, a globally recognised concert arena with impressive production design surrounding the stage. Royal boxes, a dress circle and a hanging gold chandelier gave the impression of being in a theatre, and so true to the show. But this was the London Palladium meets Eurovision people! With flags, bright lights and fanfare, there was no question we were part of something which will visually be incredible to see on screen. The voting power was in the hands of 1,000 audience members, superfans of the show, who have approximately 15 seconds to make their critical decision. I voted, and I loved it. It felt meaningful to be part of the process.

I heard several acts declare that it was ''a dream come true'' being back on the Got Talent stage in such an iconic setting. One of the acts, a certain American comedienne (slight casting spoiler alert), cried ''there's no other show like this'!” and I had to agree. This series is near-perfected line up of variety, dance, music, comedy, death-defying feats and ample 'don't try this at home' moments. Your emotions are in a whirlwind, and front and centre throughout is an incredible sense of joy and celebration. Got Talent is so much more than an average talent show. It celebrates culture and diversity, showcases aspiring performers from all walks of life, and offers up genuine talent of Champions.

This will be a prime-time program you won't want to miss!

We would like to thank Syco Entertainment for asking us to showcase Katie's experience.

Britain’s Got Talent airs every Saturday evening on ITV1


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