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Good News For Simon Cowell As The X Factor Wins Over Strictly in a Head to Head

Despite Strictly Come Dancing beating the ITV talent show in the ratings on 7th September, The X Factor has now come out on top over its BBC rival.

The consolidated ratings (live ratings plus catch-up figures from the following week) have been released, and The X Factor was watched by 9.228 million people altogether, adding 1.6 million viewers on top of their live total.

In comparison, the opening episode of Strictly, in which the stars were paired with their celeb partners, was watched by 9.156 million people altogether – meaning The X Factor has won by a short-head.

This is great news for Simon Cowell's show, as it will be going head-to-head with Strictly to grab precious Saturday night ratings.

Simon originally admitted defeat to his BBC rivals, tweeting that "round one" went to them, but will no doubt be chuffed that his talent show has now conquered.

ITV sources are pinning the show's sweet success on the return of Simon himself and his right-hand woman Cheryl.

An insider said: "The consolidateds are becoming more and more important because so many people are now able to watch their favourite TV shows on catch-up. So everyone is really thrilled with the X Factor.

"Strictly had done better in the last couple of years but with Simon and Cheryl back on the show, millions have flocked to the show again."

In an effort to boost their lead, The X Factor will be airing three times a week during the bootcamp and judges' houses stages to steal ratings away from Strictly's launch night.

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