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Go behind-the-scenes on this year’s red hot X Factor glam shoot!

First photos and video are released for this year's X Factor glam promo shoot.

Ever wondered what it’s like being an X Factor Judge or Presenter? Watch as Dermot, Simon, Sharon, Louis and Nicole strike their best poses for the camera as they go glam for this year's promo shoot.

Speaking ahead of this year’s show returning Dermot and the judges had the following to say about this year’s series…

Simon on this year’s panel…

How are you feeling about the judging panel now you’ve filmed the auditions?

Me and Louis have a relationship that goes back a long way. Louis’ naughty, the

auditions are long days but he makes it much more fun. I was actually thinking

that about all of them actually, it’s like a little reunion, they are all on great form.

Me and Sharon are a bit like Tom and Jerry, but we love each other secretly, and

Nicole is slightly nuts, I love that. Then there’s Dermot, I missed him so much.

Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Dermot O'Leary

Sharon on returning to the show

How does it feel to be back on the show?

It feels really right to be back at this time, it feels good. Simon said he wanted the

show to be back to the way it was, small audition rooms, he wanted everyone to

have fun. Listen, we’re all competitive with one another because we all want to

win, nobody wants to sit there the last few weeks with no one in your category,

but at the same time, we’re not so badly competitive. We want to take it seriously

but at the same time enjoy what we’re doing and have fun on camera and off air


Nicole on returning to the show…

How does it feel to be back on The X Factor panel?

It feels like home sweet home, I’ve missed the UK and obviously me, Sharon and

Louis were together on our last season. I haven’t been on a show with Simon in a

few years and he’s really awesome, he’s not as scary as I remember! It’s a great

feeling on the panel, a really natural, family, homey vibe, nothing is forced and

there’s a lot of positive, fun energy.

Louis on this year’s panel

Do you think it makes a difference that you, Sharon and Nicole are prepared to

stand up to Simon?

Honestly, we all get on so well, but we all have opinions and we all bring different

things to the show. Simon is very relaxed and he’s very funny this year. And he’s

looking younger this year, have you noticed? What has he done? Something’s happened? Maybe it’s the lighting

Dermot on this year’s judging panel…

What do you make of the judging panel this year?

When I look at that panel what I want to see, as the host, is unpredictability,

expertise and a little bit of insanity. Otherwise you may as well not do the show

live, you want those great moments where people chuck water at each other and

it’s not pre-planned, when people walk off, disagree or steal each other’s songs.

The more orchestrated it is, the worse it is. But you will only get this type of thing

when you’ve got people who can’t be produced. I mean, if they are asked to speak

for 30 seconds then we want them to be able to, but you want people who will

change their mind at the drop of a hat, that’s what instinctive live television is all

about. That’s why I am excited.

X Factor returns to our screens on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.


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